Manage your Google Tasks on a full screen Desktop

Organize your Google Tasks in a kanban view

Google Tasks is the perfect app to manage your daily tasks and professional assignments directly from Gmail.

But this convenience comes at the price of scalability when you find yourself with more and more lists to manage.

For power users and teams, we developed TasksBoard, a full-screen web app that will show you your Google Tasks lists on a kanban view to help you easily manage your tasks from a desktop or an iPad.

TasksBoard comes with a lot of handful features to help advanced users blaze through their daily schedule.

Move tasks from one list to another with a simple drag and drop

Drag and drop Google Tasks from on list to another on a desktop app

With TasksBoard you can simply drag and drop your tasks from one list to another like you would do on common project management tools like Asana or Trello.

Share your Google Tasks in one click

Share Google Tasks lists

With TasksBoard you can share your Google Tasks lists with anyone having a Google Account.

Sharing a list will duplicate it on the recipient's account and will keep them synchronized so that every change made on one list will be automatically reproduced on the other one.

Tasks can then be assigned to the list members for easy management of your projects.

To see how to share your Google Tasks using TasksBoard you can read this short 5 steps tutorial.

You can also group your lists into boards and share them directly with your team in one click.

Video on how to share your Google Tasks

Group your Google Tasks lists in boards

With TasksBoard, you can group your lists in boards to organize your work by projects.

You can then share these boards with a sharable link to your team members, clients, or family.

Sharing boards are available as part of the Premium plan.

Customize your lists to focus on what matters

With TasksBoard you can set highlight colors to your lists to find them instantly.

You can choose one of the pre-defined colors or set your own.

Lists can also be sorted by due dates, and completed tasks can be collapsed or left visible.

List customization is available as part of the Premium plan.

Easily organize and prioritize your tasks with labels so you’ll always know exactly what to work on next.

You can customize the color of the labels and add an emoji to make it look amazing.

Tasks labels are available as part of the Premium plan.

Customize your boards to make it yours

With TasksBoard, you can customize your boards by choosing a background color or a background image.

You can choose from the stunning wallpaper images provided by Unsplash or set your own with an custom link.

This makes it easy to differentiate your projects from each other.

Board customization is available as part of the Premium plan.